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Fan Theory Believes ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘1984’ Exist In The Same Universe


Sep 23, 2022

Picture: Warner Bros.

Until you’ve been residing beneath an attractive, blissful rock, you’d be very nicely acquainted with George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-4 and Alan Moore’s seminal work V for Vendetta. However they may very well be one and the identical factor, in keeping with a concept.

1984 has been a staple of contemporary political discourse within the web age, whereas V for Vendetta‘s iconic masked vigilante has turn into a logo for anarchy and revolution. The 2 works are each closely impressed by the grim political panorama of post-war Britain, however with Moore’s a really specific commentary on Margaret Thatcher’s Britain.

Importantly, they’ve each been become live-action movies, and even higher, each star the late John Damage however in drastically completely different roles. This connection completely units up V for Vendetta as a sequel of kinds to 1984, one concept argues.

There are just a few evident errors with such a concept nevertheless, largely referring to the necessary background and lore of the universes. NATO’s non-existence in 1984 however existence in V for Vendetta, in addition to the dearth of existence of “Britain” in 1984 problem this.

The concept is extra possible stemming from author Moore’s clear enjoyment of 1984 as a cautionary story, in addition to the gist of it being a staple of British dystopian fiction particularly. Damage turning into the large unhealthy in V for Vendetta after his experiences in 1984 would additionally closely betray his character arc.

Regardless, they’re each vastly influential works of fiction and have stayed buried within the public consciousness, proving how efficient they’re. V for Vendetta is out there to stream on HBO Max.

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